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AMPLYTICA MICROBIOME can help your team analyze large amplicon sequencing datasets to find insightful trends and correlations.

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Microbes play an essential role in many industrial, waste treatment and agricultural processes. Traditionally, monitoring of these bioprocesses has relied on chemical and physical analysis without examining the microbial communities involved. Whether you’re a researcher new to microbial ecology, an environmental division of a large company or a microbiome consulting firm, AMPLYTICA MICROBIOME is a software solution that will help you seamlessly integrate genomically derived microbial community data into your analyses. AMPLYTICA makes your analysis fast, robust and interactive.

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Analysis Management

Treatment Effect Analysis

Analyze shifts in microbial communities in response to process variables using robust statistical analyses built using open source tools.

Time Series Analysis

Grow, track and monitor datasets over time to identify critical trends and reduce processing costs.

Cohort Analysis

Compare and contrast the microbiome differences between groups using open source tools and statistics.


Cloud Processing

You no longer have to have a supercomputer or be a computer programmer to analyze your data!

Data Integration

Upload genomic data and per-sample metadata for integrated analysis.

Statistical Analysis

Perform a variety statical tests to identify significant hypotheses and correlations.

Advanced Visualisation

Stats and data are visualised with rich interactive Bokeh.js and D3.js charts. Quick look up tables allow you to explore your data quickly.

Report Creation

Generate Word, PDF and hosted interactive HTML5 reports that allow others to delve into your data!


Connect your existing bioinformatics pipelines to ours through our REST API for remote processing of your data sets!

Open Source Pipeline

AMPLYTICA MICROBIOME is built on top of a variety of academically and industrially validated open source bioinformatics libraries and tools.


AMPLYTICA MICROBIOME can be used to analyze microbial communities from any environment.

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